Friday, June 23, 2017

Where Was the VR?

One thing you may have notice lacking at E3 this year were VR games. Last year, with the Rift and Vive around the corner, Sony pumped up their show to be all about the VR experience. Even my trip to PAX West (formerly Prime) last year, their booth was all about VR. This year, well other then Bethesda rocking on Doom and Fallout 4, it wasn't a blip on the radar. What happened?

VR got a much bigger boost in interest from investors then previous gimmicks like 3D. Many of us are thrilled that the 3D televisions did not take off, though Hollywood is still insistent on making 3D movies and tacking on a $15 surcharge to the tickets. But unlike it's predecessors, VR has been a very long building process trying to create a foundation. Everyone in the industry knew going in that once VR "launched" to the public, interest would be high at first, slow down, and then we would be left with a solid core to build future content off of. That's essentially what has happened. Rift's and Vive's are still on the market. SquareEnix, Sony, Bethesda, and Microsoft are all producing games centered around VR peripherals. Games such as Star Trek: Bridge Crew are racking up sales and YouTube hits left and right - this is an amazingly fun, team game and I highly recommend it to those who are not VR challenged.

VR isn't dead. Not by a longshot. It had it's big moment when sales began, and now developers are focusing on the foundation that was created to develop new games. The next step for VR is to fine-tune the equipment, make the content worth people's money, and possibly bring it out of the homes and into the real world. Don't count out VR yet. It's got a lot of life left in it. So it didn't make a big splash at E3 this year, and that's okay. It had it's moment in the spotlight last round. Now the real work begins.


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