Friday, July 14, 2017

Weekly Link Round Up

Woohoo! The weekend is here and not a moment too late. Glad to see the drawn out work days come to an end before another round starts up next week. Which means it's another Weekly Link Round Up! Let's take a look at some of the best, worst, and wierdest gaming news on the internet:

- For those of you that scoff at Magikarp Jump, I present to you an enlightening article on Paste Magazine about a gamer, who got back into the hobby with this simple app. Sometimes it takes next to nothing to move the Earth and back. All you need is a little bit of Magikarp in your life.

- WhatCulture's list that caught my attention this week is all about 8 Popular Video Games That Fell Apart After Incredible Openings. I still think they need to hire a new title writer - these keep getting longer! I was with the list until their top spot was Metal Gear Solid 2 and wondered if these were the ramblings of a fanboy who was mad about Raiden (dude, he's pretty important to the story AND he's a badass in MGS4 - get over it already). But it was nice to see Bioshock: Infinite on the list. It's a game that looks great, but the plot and stand-by tropes make it a bore to slug through. So hey, someone else gets it! I'll take that as a win.

- Gamasutra has posted an article from a community member covering the 3 Ways Video Games are Impacted by Branding. I'm commenting on it in an attempt to get you all to avoid clicking the link. I was hoping for something insightful, but the list is everything that every gamer already knows. Branding for games comes down to 3 points: Mascots, Franchises, and Studios. That's it. Branding in these 3 areas helps support games. Slap this article with a "no duh" sticker and let's move on.

- With the 'Castlevania' animated TV show hitting Netflix, Movie Pilot looks at 8 Video Games that should be TV series. Some of the options are goofy, like Crash Bandicoot and Pikmin. Cute, but I don't think of either game as kid-friendly enough to warrant a television show. Spyro the Dragon would have a better shot. They also list Heavy Rain and Max Payne. Now those are stories that would be worth watching and expanding on. Their content is made for episodic tales, even with the short playtime of Heavy Rain. It could open up some new story-telling for television. Though I'm not on board with Grand Theft Auto as a show. Removing the gaming aspect from it takes away the fun.

- China may be cracking down again on gaming. After Tencent Holdings change to play time for their product Honor of Kings, which I reported on last week, many feel that it's still not enough to help curb "gaming addiction." The People's Daily and Xinhua News sent a call to action to all game developers to come up with new ways to limit children's play time. The government is already planning on new regulations to help reign in the industry, specifically Tencent Holdings after recent stories of children stealing money from others in school, in order to pay for digital assets in Honor of Kings. Far be it from me to tell someone how to raise their child, but maybe teach him/her the difference between right and wrong - and how wrong it is to steal? These stories are causing major impact to the growing Chinese industry, and new regulations could hamper developments.

- On the flipside, Global Harbour, the largest mall in China has installed gaming booths called "Husband Hatches." The idea being that men have a place to sit and not be bored while their wives shop. I can hear your eye-rolling all the way from here, but it's kinda funny that this is a country that seems so intent on regulations, and yet happy to have gaming booths if it "keeps the men happy."


  1. Just found your site and am binge reading now.

    Husband hatches? That's a new one for sure! :)

    1. Welcome to the blog! Hope you enjoy it.

      Yeah the Husband Hatches...just the name alone is enough to earn a snicker.


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