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GameStop Lay Offs Additional Staff

I told you. Changes with GameStop were coming.

Which means more layoffs and possible closing of the longtime magazine Game Informer. Roughly 120 people at the media outlet and GameStop corporate were laid off yesterday morning. News began to spread on Reddit and Twitter from former employees. Some were notified while on vacation or reporting at GamesCon (going on right now).

When Gamasutra reached out to GameStop for comments, the company stated that this was part of their "GameStop Reboot" initiative to restructure the company. The layoffs make up roughly 14% of the corporate office. And as someone who use to work at GameStop corporate, that is a large number of people to let go. Whether it's merchandising, management, warehouse, or cafeteria staff, even if one person is removed from the department, that will make an impact on everyone else remaining. That impact being more work, and likely no raise to accommodate. You can read GameStop's statement on Gamasutra.


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