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Shiny Graphics /= Better Content

As reviews are starting to circulate for the yet-to-be-released 'The Lion King' remake (it's not "live-action" when the entire movie is animated...), there seems to be a generalconsensus that while the visuals are nice, having something so photo-realistic replace the hand drawn animation takes away the magic of the tale.

Before people shout back that "these are just critics opinions so they don't count," the 2019 film is currently sitting at 61% on Rotten Tomatoes and there is a mix of positive, praise-worthy reviews with the rest. You can disagree with critics, but stop blasting the lot of us. The majority take their job seriously and provide great insight into film, television, games, and books. Stop lumping all of us in with the ones looking for clicks.


What critics have focused on is something we gamers have been dealing with for decades. And thank you to this great article on The AV Club for pointing it out! The all-too-accurate look of …

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