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Streamers Help Sell Small Games

Streaming video games is a critical tool for marketing; now more than ever. As video game sales continue to climb and more people remain at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their eyes and ears are turning to streamers for entertainment. And why wouldn't they? People don't need to pay for a subscription to YouTube or Twitch in order to watch a streamer. Sure, there will be a few ads, but it's virtually free unless one want to support the streamer monetarily.

Smaller and independent developers have discovered that one of the best ways to market a game is to give it to streamers. Devolver Digital, publisher of Gris, Hatoful Boyfriend, Serious Sam, and a wide variety of other games, has mastered this plan. Over the weekend, an unreleased 60-player combat game titled Fall Guys, created by Mediatonic, swept through and became one of the most streamed titles on Twitch and Steam. The game is still popular on Stream as a trending "must have" pre-purchase item.

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