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A Brief Update for Active Long Form Discussions

Long time no post! What's going on with The Geek Spot? If it's not already apparent, the random posting schedule from 2020 is still in effect. But the scale of the holdover has expanded. This blog is not going away, yet I don't have the ability to set it into hibernation mode. I know I don't owe an explanation to anyone on why the posts dropped off. For those whom have been following this blog I wanted to leave a few words. At the very least it would put my mind at ease. With the current state of the world and my life, playing new video games and catching up on industry news has become non-existent during my downtime. I never wanted The Geek Spot to be a smash and grab quick news blog. There needs to be a sense of reason with everything posted, even the smallest of takes. And with free time seemingly less available, putting out a subpar post is not worth the effort if I am not going to be satisfied with it. This is also why other gaming content that I share through Twit

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