Monday, April 12, 2010

Coco's Back!

Or soon will be. TBS has worked a deal with Conan O'Brien to bring him back to late night television in November, after the breakup with NBC.

Why is this news on a gaming blog? Well for one, I love Coco. He's been dearly missed in my latenight viewing, though I have been able to gain an hour of sleep. But mostly it was a live posting on that peaked interest in the gaming community. According to their sources, Conan and his crew approached Microsoft to develop a talk show series for Xbox Live, as one of their out of the box moments.

As much as entertainment gurus were speculating an agreement with Fox, it seems unlikely that anyone was thinking "Hey. Conan should go to Xbox Live." But it's no surprise at the same time. Conan has been known to be an outside thinker for late night talk. He never did anything safe. And that's why the young people like him.

While the idea for a show on Xbox Live would be great, it would have limited his audience. Not everyone owns an Xbox 360. While it is one of the more common systems in the U.S., it doesn't have easy access as most cable channels. It also has a restraint on downloads for Gold cusotmers only. If you have the Silver plan, you might not be able to download the episodes, depending upon how Microsoft worked out the deal. With TBS, Conan would be able to reach his target audience and bring in new viewers that trail in from the 10:00 pm Family Guy/The Office slot and the George Lopez show. It fits with his crowd. It's easy to access. Something that Microsoft can't completely offer.


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