Tuesday, April 06, 2010

People Still Care About Asteroids?

After 58+ hours, the 1979 arcade classic has had it's record broken yesterday morning by one John McAllister. The estimated score is 41,338,740. That is a long ass game from one quarter. Because Asteroids is retro for anyone under the age of 25, it's a game about shooting at asteroids before they destroy you.

Why some of us care is that Asteroids is one of the few games from the arcade era that is best known. It was one of the first to use vector graphics that wrapped around both screen axes, i.e. you could moved your ship up and pop up below the screen and likewise left and right. It hadn't been done before...yeah that sounds silly now. But this was 1979. We didn't have anything else! The game is also used to help convey a visual representation of math and abstract science concepts in schools. So there...video games can teach you something.

The score will need to be approved by Twin Galaxies to ensure no foul play (they've done it before with Donkey Kong). For those of us born before 1982, we give a crap.


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