Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dragon Quest!!!

If there is one thing I have a beef against Square-Enix (there's a list, but this is a pretty big one) it's keeping Dragon Quest in Japan. On the rare occasion (DQ8 and DQ Swords) they will release one state-side.

With DQ9 selling well over 4 million copies in Japan (yep, it's that big of a deal folks), Nintendo has harassed SE enough to create an English version for the U.S. Hurray! Finally more slime stabbing action!

The estimated release date is July 11th this summer. By July 23rd in Europe.

With the ginormous numbers in Japan, why hasn't the series been introduced into the West at a steady pace? With DQ8 for the PS2, a little over 400 thousand copies were sold during the year. Even with the bonus FF12 demo disc, not good numbers for SE. Thinking back to those days, a part of me feels that it was due to the game's limited advertising. I remember the commercials, but they were no where near as apparent as they were for Kingdom Hearts 2. KH2 was everywhere on tv...good god. >.>

Another part of me feels that the Western audience has little knowledge of the DQ series. Unless you stay up to date with Japanese gaming culture, you are probably unaware of how big of a series DQ is. So to take the latest release, DQ8, and throw it to the U.S. had the opposite effect of what was intended. "I don't know what this game is. And apparently there were 7 more games before this. So why should I buy it? I'm going to be so lost." That's the gist of the conversation I had with my brother when I bought DQ8. And I can understand his position. It's hard to pick up a game that looks to be apart of a series, to which you know nothing about.

To those unaware of Dragon Quest, think of it like Final Fantasy. The numbers are just numbers. No two games are alike (other then character design and monsters). They each have different stories. The short of it: it's a big fing deal in Japan. I can't wait for this game!


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