Tuesday, May 11, 2010

God of War...The Novel!

As if games into movies wasn't bad enough (I'm still waiting on a good one) the game to book franchise has been taking off. How appropriate of Sony to jump in with a God of War book. >.>

I have heard some good things about the Starcraft and Halo novels. They're probably ok for telling back story and suck. This one, however, is a retelling of the first GoW game. How weird. The book will be released in paperback on May 25th and you can read an excerpt here. Even has cover art ripped from the first game.

First impressions, blah. It's trying too hard to be like the game minus the experience of smashing X and O. Oh and all the gore, blood, and naked boobies. It feels as though the fire that's in Kratos has been stripped. Maybe it gets better as the book continues. But the general rule is that you can understand a book within the first 5 pages. No go for me on this one.


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