Thursday, May 13, 2010

Second Life At Cannes

How did I miss this one? The premise is a gamer at a competition becomes overworked and after getting a massage (a normal one, not one of those happy ending types) he falls into the world of Second Life. It's a video game movie that's not based on a video game. Holy crap. It's original work. Hurray!!! It's a Dutch film taking place in Taipei. The trailer, isn't bad. Hopefully the scenes of Second Life are better integrated. Doubtful this will be released in the U.S., but hopeful that it'll be on the production crew's website...eventually...please?

Unrelated note, the Dragonball movie was on this morning. I haven't seen it. Something possessed me to watch it. Chow Yun-Fat makes me sad. He is so much better then this...


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