Saturday, May 29, 2010

Week in Review

What a busy, busy week while I was unavailable.

* The big news is the rash of suicides in Chinese factories, in particular the electronic factories of over worked, underpaid individuals. And I thought my job was bad. I think the Kotaku Exposé best sums it up. What a mess.

But I'm not surprised. Corporations have been outsourcing to other countries for centuries because labor is cheaper for the same production. But $130 a month even in the poorest countries (certainly not China!) is pretty weak. At least you're not giving away your secrets to competitors in your country. Nope. We're giving it away to our future competitors in China. they can master the craft and kick your asses in a few years. Good job!

* Next is the boom in the I-Pad, and schools beginning to integrate them into the system. I am surprised the I-Pad became that big of a deal. I'm also ticked that this crap wasn't around when I was going to school. I remember back in high school our district started a program for middle-schoolers to give each of them brand new laptops in their 6th grade year, and receive a new one upon entering high school, without needing to return them. >.> How is that fair? Make it equal to all grades in the district. Don't screw over the majority to give a few an advantage of a better education. Jerks.

* Say it ain't so Mark! In a recent interview with IGN, he's claiming Arkham 2 will be his last outing with the Joker. So sad! :( He is the epitome of the Joker voice. No man can ever match it. My hope is that he will be influenced to come back for another game, or animated show, or direct to dvd animated movie.

* Gaming related deaths:

Gary Coleman, May 28th 2010. Voiced Kenny Falmouth in The Curse of Monkey Island.

Dennis Hopper, May 29th, 2010. King Koopa from the Super Mario Bros. movie. That one hurts more. Fantastic legacy of acting. And E! should be ashamed of itself. MSNBC had the news long before you did! -_-


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