Sunday, June 13, 2010

E3 Coming to a Convention Center Near You!

Ok kiddos. E3 is in 2 days. And apparently Sony is being ballsy with their advertising. I'm pretty sure they're referring to the Playstation Move and their weird plastic ball controllers. It's not that Earth Shattering guys. Nintendo already did it. Unless they're speaking about 3D. Which I hope not. I'm not ready for 3D and most of us don't have the ability to afford the technology. Just leave it be.

I have some higher hopes this year from the previous. Mostly because no one is going to be shoving new hardware down our throats. Well, aside from Nintendo. But they have been having new iterations of the DS every year so it's becoming a staple. Here is what I am expecting (rather hope to expect) out of E3:

The big focus is going to be on the peripherals, with Sony and Microsoft going into more detail on the motion technology to their systems. Not to mention the new gear from Rock Band 3. Getting the gamer to stand up from their couch seems to be a big deal these days. I don't know if Sony and MC are aware, but Nintendo has already done that. The other plus is that there "should" be more games announced then usual.

Now that Sony is in a better position with system sales, they can start dropping more software in the U.S. That can make this next year a pretty big deal to the gaming industry. It could use more new games. Right now we have Halo Reach coming out in the fall. Maybe Rock Band 3 in the winter. That's about it for this year. I would like to see Sony step up their catalogue and give us more games. I don't care about Playstation Home or Move, because you're not going to get people to play FPS with the move. If you can deliver us more games, we're going to buy them. Oh, and get Media Module to confirm Little Big Planet 2 for this year. I will be indebted to you forever.

Microsoft has a pretty solid core of gamers. What they have been lacking this year is exclusive titles. I can hear the choir of fan boys ringing in my ears. "But we have Gears of War and Halo." Yeah. And that's all that the Xbox is known for. Most of the top releases this past year were for multiple platforms. Microsoft really needs to make a point and provide exclusive games. This past year was a turning point with Sony catching up on system sales. If they want to take back the lead, they need to gives us exclusive games. Again, it's one of those things where we don't care about Project Natal. It's cool, but no one is going to play Gears with Natal. Give me a reason to go back to my 360.

Nintendo...well. They want to show off their 3D system. I'm not enthused about 3D because my eyes can't tune in for long. And the hazard of having glasses makes it really difficult to be comfortable while enjoying something in 3D. It's a nuisance. Give a solid release date for Metroid the Other M and I'll be content.

If someone had the ability to win, since it's not a contest, I'm banking on Sony this year for conferences. They have the most to gain with their current position in the market.

Random, but is anyone else amused by the ghetto parking sign for Activision? Either someone at E3 is trying to point out how low on the totem pole Activision is, or it's a fake lot where you're going to get mugged if you leave your car.


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