Thursday, June 17, 2010

E3 Day 3. Slow Day

All the good crap happened on Tuesday. So...what's up now? Well celebrities are invading E3 and taking over the Nintendo 3DS. Including, Steven Spieldberg? What are you doing there Steven? You're against video games, remember?

But I wanted to bring up some of the smaller, off the wall games that are not receiving a lot of attention. When you have GT5, Gears 3, and the like cluttering up the space, you miss out on the few gems that are hiding on the E3 floor.

The first is Kung Fu Rider, developed for the Playstation Move. It's a simple game. You run through the streets of Hong Kong on office chairs, horse bikes, and other random things to reach the end of the stage. They are pricing it around $24.99 for 28 levels of craziness and endless replay value. It's a simple game that uses the Playstation Move quite well.

Next is Naughty Bear.  Basically you're an evil bear and your job is to torture the town you live in. Again, simple concept, but fun gameplay. Anything you want to conceive you can make it happen. No X rated stuff though.

Child of Eden comes from the creators of Lumines and it is beautiful. It will be using Microsoft's Kinect motion system for gameplay. It is a combo of puzzle and platformer allowing you to generate the world around you.

Finally Space Ark, which will be an Xbox Live download. It's a series of puzzle games that is a mixture of Tetris, Asteroids, Space Invaders, Breakout, and Frogger all with cute animals. What's cool about it is that it really takes the puzzle game to a new area by combining multiple forms of puzzle gaming into one game. But they do it seemlessly that you don't realize that you're playing a version of Breakout. This looks like it'll be a fun download for your 360.


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