Wednesday, June 23, 2010

John Carpenter Blessings

I mean the guy that directed all of those Snake Plissken movies (Escape from New York, Escape from L.A.) and Halloween, Christine, The Live. We all know he has had a heavy hand in influencing the Snake from the Metal Gear franchise. Well just the other day, Mr. Carpenter extended a peaceful hand to Kojima to say a job well done.

Back in the early days of MGS, Carpenter reviled that Kojima wrote to him asking permission for using a likeness of Snake Plissken's character in his games. And we know how well that turned out.

"[Hideo Kojima] has written me and asked me for my blessing on the game and I wrote him back [to say] how about it?" said Carpenter. "He's a very nice man."

Not a bad time to say thanks to Kojima when you're working on FEAR 3. *shrugs* At least the man is being gracious for the resurgence in his stock.


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