Saturday, June 12, 2010

Keytar coming at ya!

Apologies if this post is less then enthused. Still sick. Still feel like crap. Still without a car. Just had to deal with 2+ hours of the fire alarm sitting right about my half-cube going on and off. Now I have a blistering headache and a constant ring in my ears. Why can't I have one good week?

Enough about that.

A handful of press got a sneak-preview of Rock Band 3 just before E3. It's the game that Jude Lennon (John Lennon's son, and if you don't know who he is FOR SHAME!) has been working with the developers for new peripherals so that people could really learn how to play the guitar.

From the looks of things, they may have succeeded.

Rock Band 3 will be sporting a 6 string, 17 fret guitar, cymbals, a midi adaptor, and a keytar. Yep. A keytar. You know those keyboards made into guitars in the 80's? You can play one on Rock Band now. >.>

The keytar would only be useful for a handful of songs, and Rock Band creator's were mindful of that. The keytar will double for a guitar or drums during songs that don't use a piano/keyboard.

The guitar is the one peripheral that is blowing me away. It's intended to allow both beginners and those who actually play a guitar to be able to jump into the game. The guitar is best described as feeling like a real guitar with the frets feeling like spongy buttons. It will be interesting to see how it'll meld in with normal Rock Band mode.

For software updates, Rock Band is giving each band member their own menu to customize without cluttering up the rest of the group. It also appears that they are going to allow greater access to jump in and out of bands with ease as well as change instruments between songs (I don't always want to play bass). There is also a change on Career Mode, which will take out less of the grind of completing songs and give it a more party feel.

I hope there will be some live demos at E3. This might be one of the first music games that I'd be willing to drop money on the full bundle


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