Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not Cool

Apologies for the low postings. The sick bug struck me hard. If you haven't seen this by now, a video has been posted about an elderly woman calling Google's help desk regarding the mini PacMan game. I would have a link to the video, but you have to be the author's friend to see it.

So, I'm not linking the video. Instead, I'm linking to the article and you can choose to be his/her friend or not. What a brilliant way to try and make more friends. At the same time, what a stupid way to try and make more friends. YouTube isn't about having a million friends. It's about viewers. You miss out on half of your audience because they will not go through the hassle of trying to be your friend to see one video...and then turn around and unfriend you. >.> If you're worried about friend, go hide on Facebook. If you want to be on YouTube, make your videos public. It's that simple.


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