Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Prince of Persia Movie Review

Of all of the video game movies, this is probably one of the best that I have seen so far. It also takes the most creative liberty from the original property. The only things that I found were remotely close to the game was the lead character's name, and that there's a dagger that uses sand to turn back time for a minute. Everything else was wide open for Jerry Bruckheimer to run with.

Positives: Because it's Jerry Bruckheimer, you know what you're going to get. Interesting/visually appealing locations. Well choreographed action. Decent acting. A story that is easy to follow, but has some element of uniqueness. It's a video game movie that doesn't suck. Mostly because the writers took an extreme liberty with the story. Because Prince of Persia doesn't have an established cannon, it's easier to fudge on the movie screen. As I said earlier, you have the main character's name and the dagger...that's about all that was pulled from the video game. And maybe, that's a good thing. Ostrich Racing. The silliest and most awesome idea ever.

Negatives: Because it's Jerry Bruckheimer, it's cliche. It's predictable. But it's a movie targeted towards families. You get what you pay for. St. Elsewhere ending. You know how that kid with autism dreamed up the hospital of St. Elsewhere that he saw in a snow globe? Prince of Persia basically does the same thing. It's lame and people should be forbidden from ever using it. Title cards and narrator. Those always doom a movie. Jerry should know better, but I think he likes to piss off the establishment sometimes. Ignore the first 5 minutes of the beginning and the last 2 and you'll be fine. Nothing like the video game. If you were expecting it to be like one of the games, it's not. It's still a good movie, but don't go in with that preconceived notion.

Overall, it's a decent film. It'll keep you and your friend/family entertained. Might be worthy of a sequel. It's good for a random night out. But don't expect it to break the barrier for video game movies.


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