Monday, June 21, 2010

Red Eye

RRoD. 4 Evil words to 360 owners. Well now it's the Red Dot of Death, or the Red Eye of Death, or the Red Spot of Death, or the Red Speck of Death. With the next 360 Slim line releasing, a new error message and light system has replaced the old red ring.
In an attempt to increase the lifespan of the 360 and prevent overheating, if the system detects that there is not enough ventilation, it will give the user a warning message before shutting down and entering a hibernation mode where a red light will flash on the power button. Once the light turns off, it's safe to turn the system back on. The idea is to help save the system before it becomes too late and overheat.

While it's good in theory, it is disconcerting that the issue with overheating hasn't been fixed in the first place. A multitude of 360 users know the horrors of the red ring. The most recent study, that appears accurate, shows the failure rate at 27ish%, but this is taking into account the most recent 360 systems that have a much higher heat tolerance then the launch consoles. My brother's system has gone through three red rings (launch console). On the third failure, Microsoft ended up sending him a brand new system instead of attempting to repair the same problem over and over again. I'm sure he isn't the only one this has happened to. But with a new version of the same console out and about, is this new method really going to work? Or just another extent to the same problem that Microsoft doesn't want to really fix. At least you still get a 3 year manufacturer warranty if you get a red ring. (keep those receipts!)


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