Friday, July 30, 2010

90.4% is a big number

And I thought I was having a busy week.

Capcom announced their April-June quarterly profits were down by 90.4%.




If it weren't Capcom, I have the feeling that the company would have immediately closed it's doors.

Capcom made a statement on their website regarding the huge downturn in profits (the full debrief is listed in the PDF files on the website). The main issue is that Capcom didn't have many titles release during this time frame. Their expected hit was Lost Planet 2, which did ship 1.5 million units worldwide. However, it didn't meet the project 2 million mark. Which is still a pretty good shipment rate for a small period of time, but it's not Capcom numbers.

Capcom's main response is that due to the multiple delays with the game's release, marketing was scaled down and caused the title to be lost in the sea of others in the genere. In essence, there was nothing that made the game stand out from everything else on the market.

I can agree with the marketing aspect dropping off dramatically before the game’s release after it had been pushed back several times. When they were working on the game and a demo was released for muti-player mode, I remember my brother and I playing several hours. It was a lot of fun and some improvements on the first game. But that was nearly a year before the game’s release. After they announced some special in-game character codes, the hype died. Killed my interest in the game.

They declined to comment on much else with their financial meeting, but yeah. Ouch. That is going to screw up a lot of games down the line to make up for this hit in the pocketbook. With Dead rising 2 and Marvel vs Capcom 3 on the horizon, hopefully those will bring some life back to Capcom's numbers.


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