Friday, July 16, 2010

First Rule of Beta Club

Don't talk about Beta Club. Unless it's to say you're participating in a beta.

Which I have been, and why the posts have been lacking a lot this week. Apologies. But it was a really awesome beta.

Comic Con is coming up next week. It's a really big deal with the vast majority of nerds/geeks in the U.S. Comics are the staple of the U.S. animation empire. Anime could not compare even if it tried.

Comic Con has become a convention not just about comics and graphics novels, but a place for all fans of all geek things to come together and enjoy the festivities. Lucas Arts and Star Wars have had panels for the past few years to unveil new titles (Force Unleashed) and info about new shoes/movies/products. Other movie studios have jumped in with their new comic geared movies as well as off-the-wall horrors (anyone remember Paranoia?) making a start at the convention.

Fun features this year? Apparently Hideo Kojima is judging the costume contest. >.> So says Konami's Twitter. Which made me chuckle. So expect a lot of last minute, thrown together, MGS costumes. If anyone is going, show some ZOE love!

Expect some news and previews of the upcoming Thor and Avengers flicks (without Edward Norton as The Hulk, lame). The anime portion of their convention has expanded to include screening rooms and voice actors. Penn and Teller are coming in (no sh*t), a screening of the new movie Lost Boys, a presentation by Kevin Smith. All on the first night before the convention really starts. >.> No wonder it sold out months ago.

As always, there will be a feature on G4 covering the convention floor for the vast majority of us that are unable attend. Really, this is a post about Kojima, further extending his awesomeness.


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