Friday, July 23, 2010

LBP2 Date and Collector's Edition Announced

And the choir of angels sings~

The Playstation Blog has announced the date and some interesting collector's edition items for the game. The game is on track to release November 16th, 2010. I'll be damned. They're keeping their word.

The collector's edition is going to include a copy of the game, a 7 inch SackBoy doll, book ends (and they're pretty spiffy), and a mess of downloadable content/costumes. The costumes include a set from Disney/Pixar, The Muppets, Playstation Classics, and an Animal pack. If you don't purchase the collector's edition, you can get a section of these separately from a retailer (depending on whom you order it from). All for $79.99. *runs off to preorder*


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