Saturday, July 31, 2010

Random Web Bits

Another day of random bits around the web.

The Ritz-Carlton gaming room is nothing new, but a nice change of pace for hotel gaming. At least it's a classier, higher end version of the $20.00 for an hour of Super Mario Brothers, on SNES. The lounge itself looks like someone from Extreme Home Makeover came in and splattered green everywhere possible, but it's not terrible. The fringe curtains, I don't understand. But I can see what they're trying to do. Some people might want to play games during their vacation and the Ritz wants to provide a more luxury experience in a public setting. Wonder what the fee is to get in.

Another Kinect fail for Microsoft and their marketing team. In a demo of Kinect Sports and Dance Central, it was clear to see where Kinect's faults' lie. Just as I had listed in my Kinect review, the product is in need of an update. If a non-gamer, such as the bikini-clad women, are unable to play the game, then what would make the average consumer want to buy the product?

The Goldeye Controller finally has a game attached to it, making the $70.00 price tag more feasible. Goldeneye for the Wii will come packed with a golden controller that mimics the N64 gamepad. It's listed at Toys R Us right now, with others sure to follow pretty quickly.

Blog of the moment is from Destructoid member jc83 on how to be a video game expert. While amusing and diabolically, I'd like to see someone try this and have it work. What an evil, mastermind of a plan. It's too crazy to not succeed!


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