Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Musing

Today is random day for my brain. So there will be a little bit of everything.

~ First thing on my mind, the video. Never going to ask a friend to convert a file again. I needed him to do 2 things. Make it into a Quicktime or AVI or SOMETHING YouTube will be able to accept, and adjust the brightness. He threw in some pictures. Thanks. Making my film degree look like an even bigger waste of time. Appreciate the assistance Mike. Yep. I'm calling you all. Punishment shall be swift and unexpected. Took a really simple concept and added unnecessary flair.

~ David Jaffe, or some of his cohorts, are heading to Comic Con with new info for Twisted Metal. They will be showing off new screen shots, some conception art, and other little goodies that only the con kids can see. Damn them.

~ I lol'ed. The concept of having a 100% Objective, unbiased review is...rediculious. You read a review to obtain someone's opinion about a product. An opinion is anything but objective. So why bother reading the review if you're going to whine about it not being objective?

Well played Mr. Jim Sterling. While I wasn't expecting you to take the task literally, a part of me is glad that you did. Maybe some of those that complained will see why an objective review is not a means to an end.

Now this isn't to say that I agreed with the original review. I felt that it lacked imaginative depth and was a jump on the "let's hate FF13" bandwagon. It's difficult to say for certain if he completed the game. It really does get better along the way. Honest. And I'm not saying that as a Final Fantasy geek. There are things that I disliked about the game that held it back from being a great title. But the critique was incomplete.

To take the original review and turn it completely around, thumbs up. You have proven why reviewers exist, and it is appreciated.

~ APB is looking to make some drastic changes to the game. Barely a month out of the gate and they're doing an overhaul. A lot of these are issues that were addressed in the alpha and beta, but had not been finalized. According to the company's blog they hadn't been pushed away; they were more focused on getting the game launched. While I get that there are expectations to meet with EA's deadlines, that shouldn't get in the way of fixing the game. I'm just saying.

Some of the things they plan to fix is the Matchmaking setup (thank god!), vehicle handling (double thank god!), and adding new missions as well as expanding on pre-existing ones to allow for more strategy. These were some of my biggest issues during the beta. Why the hell they are working on it now? Got me. Clearly I don't understand the business behind making a good game.


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