Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kinect Bubble!

Remember when I tried out the Kinect and complained about it's suckiness?

Well Microsoft may have found a way to get it to work. Stick everyone in a bubble!


As silly as that may seem, it's actually not a bad idea considering the scanning interface is uneven if you don't have a blank background to work with. It's also fantastic at picking up non-player's movements and other electronic equipment, as both myself and the guys at Kotaku have experienced. In all honesty, more and more people are seeing this as an expensive version of the Xbox Live Camera. There's really no difference in the interface. With the product releasing in under 3 months, they need to get their acts together and start working out the bugs. Not everyone with a 360 can afford a life-size bubble to play in. Though that does give them a chance to package that in a bundle. For $1599.99 you can own an Xbox 360 Slim Elite with the Kinect built in AND your own bubble dome!


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