Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Microsoft Busted for PS3 Footage

I won't lie. I laughed.

The Advertising Standards Authority found that commercials for the XBox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII were using footage from the PS3 version, resulting in misleading sales. Who's to blame? Hard to say. The article is pointing the finger at Square-Enix, as the main distributor for the product. But as someone who has worked in gaming retail from a corporate level, I know that Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have to give final approval and do their own editing on commercials before allowing them to be aired. So I'm pretty sure someone at Microsoft said "hey, this game looks like crap, can't we use the PS3 footage?"

Square-Enix told the ASA that they 'did not believe any average viewer, or indeed avid gamer, would perceive any difference in the output unless reviewing the materially forensically'. 

Which is true. Unless you were really adamant about nit-picking the situation, a general glace shows there really isn't a difference in cut scenes between the two games. SE used the same footage for both PS3 and Xbox 360 commercials, and unless you have an uber-crazy High Def tv, you won't see anything stick out in a 30 second ad. SE was honest and said yes, we used a playback of the PS3 version because it's on one disc and made things easier. It doesn't appear that SE or Microsoft will be fined, but the commercial has been pulled from U.K. airways. Not that it really matters. The game came out months ago. But more proof that the PS3 version is superior!


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