Saturday, August 07, 2010

More Old Republic Goodness

Neglect? Maybe. It hasn't been an issue of forgetting about the blog, rather been so consumed by reality that I have put it aside for a few days. Whoops. >.> If this were a pet it would either be dead or insanely pissed off. *pets the blog* sorry about that.

As much as Bioware has been pissing me off lately, they're still making an expectedly awesome MMO. Damn them. They have announced additional character races that are unique to certain classes. Such as Zabrak for Sith Inquisitor, which is Darth Maul's race. Or how about a Mirialan Jedi Consular?

Right now the information is limited. We still don't know what races will be available to all jobs, except for humans. >.> We know about additional characters (NPCS) to the game, but they're not characters you can play. So, um, yea. I can play a pointed, red-headed, tatooed sith. Yippie? How about something less obvious.


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