Thursday, August 26, 2010

No Trophies on the PSP

People are crazy over Trophies and Achievements. You hear that bleep bloop sound on your 360 and you feel like you have accomplished something great, even if it was shooting at 100 pigeons in Grand Theft Auto.

Recently an image circulated the net that had the PSP with trophies. Good idea to help spur some more interest in current PSP owners. Mine has been sitting dormant for about 2 months now (DQ9...what can I say?) but having trophies might give me enough of a boost to go back and play Patapon or something to boost my trophy collection.

But it turns out that the image was the PSP pulling remotely from a PS3 to show an update to the remote play system. I don't consider that a big lost. The PSP is still a fun system with the right game. But man, the number of people outraged. >.> There are great games out there that do fine without the trophies. Go play those.

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