Friday, August 27, 2010

Testing the Kinect? Be Prepared for Silence

Posted by Kotaku late yesterday, Microsoft has added to the rules for beta testing the Kinect that voice chat will be restricted during testing. I.E. you can only talk in party chat with other individuals that are testing the Kinect. Here's the official wording:

While we strive to provide full compatibility with others outside of the pre-release program, there is one audio change planned that will prevent you from performing party or individual chat with people not included in the pre-release program. Note - this will be addressed when we officially release Kinect to the world. Game chat is expected to function as usual and should not be impacted by this change.

I think it's their way of trying to keep the bad press to a minimum amongst the hard core gamers after the abysmal showing at recent game shows and their Macy's press tour. It won't stop the rants and raves through forums, but at least keep people quiet while testing.


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