Thursday, September 09, 2010

15 Years of Playstation? Holy ****

Now I feel old. 15 years? Really? Time flies when you're having fun.

I remember when the PS1 (at that time it was called the Playstation) was released. My brother and I kept begging our parents to get it for us. So close to Christmas, they must! But it took them 2 years to cave in and finally buy us the system. The first game I bought? Final Fantasy VII. It was released the day after we purchased our system in 1997. Yeah. FF7 is that old too. :p I remember playing the first few hours of the game, in total awe at the power of the Playstation. And then realizing that I couldn't save my game because it's not the Nintendo cartridge system that I had become accustomed to. We needed this thing called a memory card. Kids, we didn't have memory cards back then. This was a new thing for games. So I must have played through Midgar at least 5 times before we were able to get a memory card. My brother had been through half of Crash Bandicoot at least 3 times before he could save his place in the game. Still amuses me to this day.

While Sony may not have started on the right foot with the PS3, one thing is for certain, they stand by the power of their product. No one has been able to defeat them in terms of technological power. They have a solid system and they are starting to find their niche in the market again after a few years of Wii and 360 dominance. So happy birthday Playstation! I still love you and have been playing Kingdom Hearts since returning home from my vacation. <,<


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