Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nintendo 2010 Press Conference

Blogger, you are failing me this week. If you won't publish the post, at least save it so I can try uploading later.I realize that this post is a day late since the press conference was held yesterday, but I'm glad this one saved so I'm posting it now!

But that's not today's story. Nintendo held their annual press conference to release new info on upcoming products to the press and shareholders. They are one of the few companies outside of gaming shows that hold their own press conferences, because they can. Kotaku had a live blog going on about all of the details being released. The main point of talk was the 3DS. And of course how much money Pokémon Black and White was making the company.

The Wii will be getting a new controller, Wii Remote Plus, and Super Mario Allstars. More and more Mario games are making the port to the Wii system these days.

A new announcement is 2 BioHazard games will be coming to the 3DS. The first being Resident Evil: Liberation, which was all over TGS. The second game will be Resident Evil: Mercenaries. Mercenaries isn't technically a new game, but a combination of the add-ons from RE5 and fan favorite levels from RE4 all rolled into one, online multiplayer game. Online multiplayer you say? Please don't make it local connection only. :(

More 3DS talk about it supporting your Wii Mii's via the SD memory cards. You can also create a Mii on the 3DS, save it, and transfer it to your Wii system. A good way to integrate the Wii and 3DS.

The biggest change will be for online integration with the 3DS. 3DS will support gameboy titles purchased from WiiWare. A new feature called "Wifine" will allow users to find WiFi connection points more quickly/accuratly indoors, as well as find points outdoors. There is also WiFi Fighting, which will allow users to view and upload stats from fighting games, such as Super Street Fighter IV (also coming to the 3DS). You can also upload these stats and have them downloaded to your system while the 3DS is in Sleep mode.

Nintendo is currently testing out 3D television shows on the system, which would be become available via download if it works out. So far a few developers, such as Kojima (Metal Gear Solid), Nomura (Kingdom Hearts), and Hino (Professor Layton) were discussing making new titles specifically for the 3DS after the presentation. The estimated system cost in Japan is ¥25,000, which is just under $300 for the U.S. Price points to be determined. The system is expected to launch on February 26, 2011 in Japan, and March for U.S. and Europe.

I wasn't on board with the 3DS initially because I view 3D as a fad. It's been coming and going in waves for nearly 50 years. However, since Nintendo announced the addition of a slider to turn the 3D off, it's made me feel more at ease with the new integration of the DS. And Resident Evil on the DS? Looking really pretty.


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