Sunday, October 10, 2010

New X-Men Game

With New York Comic-Con taking place this weekend, it would only make sense to announce a new comic book inspired video game.

X-Men Destiny will have a completely new cast of mutants where the environment will change based on the player's choices. Think of Heavy Rain with super powers.

The trailer released at NYCC is very comicbook-like. Zooming in on character outlines as they produce additional characters, locations, and intense voice overs. A wonderful teaser to have fans begging for more.

But that's about all we know. Some people are speculating that it'll be more of an RPG game, and less of an action/adventure that superhero games are known for. It's hard to say where things will go from here. Superhero games don't have the best track record. Batman Arkham Asylum is the best so far because it went to a non-comicbook developer, SquareEnix. If they want any hope for Destiny, their best bet is to outsource asap.


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