Monday, October 04, 2010

“Opposing Force” new title for Medal of Honor

So it’s been well-known that the new Medal of Honor game will allow gamers to play as a current terrorist group. There have been quite a number of stories, such as a defense secretary from the U.K., wanting to ban the game. I have also questioned the taste level of the game. Surprisingly, EA has been backing the developers of the game. It’s still publicity to them, I guess.

But today, the developers have decided to rename the terrorist group as “Opposing Force” stating as a means of respect to those who have died in war by this militant force.

I’m surprised that, that group hasn’t started to complain about using their namesake in a game. It took the U.S. Army threatening to remove themselves from endorsement of the project to get the developers to make the swap.

Barely a week ago, EA was standing behind their product by not caving in to protests. Which is commendable, considering how much I tend to dislike EA. But then they buckled because they would lose an endorsement, which would in turn be a lost of sales. Business at it’s best. *shrugs*

While the developers have stated that the name change will have no affect on the game play, the social media aspect of the outcome is disappointing. This is a game about modern war. In order to fully achieve this, you have to include names of people and groups that have affected the current climate. By removing an aspect and giving a generic identity, it strips away the heart of the game. I understand the situation and I can see why the developers decided to make the change in question. I have the utmost respect for the military women and men who put their lives on the line every day. It's something I could never do. But if it was going to be an issue in the first place, why bother making a modern war game? It's a catch-22 situation. So I'm going to quote South Park. "It's either all ok, or none of it."


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