Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Remember that game from Spieldberg and EA?

They've been talking about it for years. He even stopped by at E3 to gush about the project. But, EA spokespeople have confirmed the LMNO has been canceled. Though they are stressing that they are maintaining a good, working relationship with Mr. Spieldberg. Not that I believe it. Spieldberg has had a tumultuous history with video games. He's basically the one that started the whole movie video game market. What movie these days doesn't have a video game involved? I'm sure Get Him To The Greek will have theirs out soon. >.>

What's amusing is that he's ok with video games, but hates cut scenes. At one point in time he was quoted as stating that video games don't hold the emotional string that movies do. Clearly he's never playing a Final Fantasy game. You would think that a man of his stature would see the beauty of cut scenes.

According to former EA employees, politics in the office kept the game from being finalized. Whatever the case may be, I wouldn't hold my breath on a non-Spieldberg movie game to be a reality. It's a little disappointing though. LMNO conceptually sounded like a good game.


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