Friday, October 22, 2010

Take a Tour at Trion Worlds!

Yeah I'm showboating this one because my brother works there, but I think this video gives a much more REALISTIC view of how a gaming studio looks like. As well as the corporate retailers. It's very bland and very beige. Not as cool as you'd like to imagine. You can view the tour here. My brother is at 7:03, the one that needs to shave. >.> I know we would all love to imagine that it's a cool building, with lots of toys and geeky things all over the place. And there are a few figurines on people's desks here and there. But really, everything is so corporate with rules and regulations. The fun can get sucked out of you quite fast. At least that's been my experience. Not saying that about Trion since I haven't been there. XD

More about Trion Worlds and the game Rift, check out their website.


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