Wednesday, October 13, 2010

TV coming to U.S. Xbox Owners

If you thought watching Netflix on your console was great, well now TV will be coming to your homes from you systems! Not that it's already been going on in other countries for a few years now. But that's ok. Better late then never.

Microsoft and the Xobx360 have partnered with AT&T to bring U-verse to Xbox Live. For $99, you can request an Xbox Kit from AT&T, which includes a technician to come to your home and install some required software on your system. You also need to have one U-verse subscriber in your home in order to actually receive television streaming to your 360. Subscriptions can start at a base of $10 a month.

Having been apart of AT&T's track record, I think I'll pass. Verizon Fios wins the universe of all things television/internet/phone.

Basically your Xbox 360 will be turned into a receiver, or a set-top box that you would receive for cable from a cable company. The service will be launched this Friday, October 15th. AT&T has graciously provided a video via their YouTube channel, on how convoluted the process is to hook-up to U-verse. Though it's better then nothing.


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