Sunday, October 24, 2010

Whoops! Sony Foobared Again

Sony has officially announced a recall on all PS3 copies of Shaun White Skateboarding as of Friday. Needless to say, that'll delay the release date for PS3 owners.

"There was a manufacturing issue with a misprinted disc at Sony Computer Entertainment America and the wrong version of the Shaun White Skateboarding PlayStation 3 game was shipped to retailers. We're working with Ubisoft to correct the issue. New PS3 copies of the game will be shipped to North American retailers by Thursday, Oct. 28 and it will be available by that weekend."

The theory going around is that the wrong game was placed in all of the boxes, possibly Shaun White's Snowboarding. Some websites are calling out a conspiracy. My vote is someone was being lazy and/or not paying attention and made a really big slip up. Someone is going to get fired on Monday, that's for sure. >.> If you have somehow managed to get the game before the release date, you should probably take it back to the retailer for a refund.


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