Monday, November 01, 2010

Free Kinect!

I don't know how Microsoft is going to make back any of that 500 million marketing money for Kinect. Oprah gave away Kinects on her show, followed up by Ellen. Macy's showcase of Kinect also included a giveaway. And now BurgerKing is giving away a Kinect every 15 minutes for the next 27 days. That's 96 Kinects a day. By 27 days thats 2592 Kinects. Each Kinecty is roughly $150 bucks. So overall Microsoft is losing $388,800 in sales. Their marketing better pay off in the end.

As Kotaku has pointed out, it could very well be a flop. The game line-up for Kinect is subpar and no positive reviews are out on the product. Their claim that changes have been made hasn't been backed up yet. Microsoft is pretty confident that Kinect will sell regardless of the game reviews. I guess we'll find out when it releases. I'm not going to buy it. Rather spend the money buying a new Wii system that comes with a greater collection of games at start over the Kinect. Actually, I take that back. I'd rather spend HALF of the money and get the Playstation Move. Win win all around.

BTW, I love the disclaimer on the BK contest website of "no purchase necessary." But in order to play and enter, you need to purchase a whopper, a 30 or 40 oz drink, or large frypod. Their legal department will have fun with the complaints on that one.


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