Monday, November 29, 2010

I don't get the nitpicking

Pixelninja is one of the finest cosplayers out there (Swedish and Japanese apparently makes for a great visual combo). She's best known for her Samus/Metroid costumes, and she unveiled her new Gravity Suit this week. Kotaku being Kotaku posted up a few of the pictures from her website, and she could easily pass as the real deal.

And then you get all of the unecessary comments.

"The bangs are wrong. /nitpcking"
"Knees are too sharp."
"Her hair/face looks nothing like Samus"
"Costume = win. Face? Not so much."

Are those comments really necessary? That is an awesome costume that she made by herself and she's a beautiful woman. I'd hazard a guess that all of those postings are from people who don't even know how to thread a needle. 

If you're going to hate, put your money where your mouth is and prove that you can do better. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut and appreciate the costume and the cosplayer for their effort. 

Sorry. Ranting there, but I'm getting so sick of random people hating on costumes when they show no appreciation for the craft. If you can't do any better, then zip it. 

Not the post I intended today, but needed a moment to rant.


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