Thursday, November 04, 2010

Not Talking About Microsoft Today, instead Pokemon!

No, Lego Pikachu is not a new Pokemon in Black/White.
The Pokemon crowd has been taking Black/White super serious this time with not allowing images to be leaked to the West. They've even threatened a website with a potential lawsuit for copyright infringement on allowing images of the new game (which is already out in Japan and EVERYONE knows about it) to be uploaded. Super cereal you guys.

Well the Japanese are not impervious to the arm of the Pokemon law. A man was arrested this week for posting images of the new Pokemon game before it's September 18th release date. Even though video game magazines have had the same images a few weeks in advance and had already published them online. >.>

I think these guys are being way too sensitive about the situation. It's Pokemon. It's still a big seller. People are going to find out about all of the new Pokemon before the game's release. It just happens. So let it go. There's no reason to punish the western fans when the Japanese have the game in their hands and are posting pictures online. There are even videos on YouTube! Just let it be before you start alienating people.


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