Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh Foxconn. When Will You Learn?

Between the rash of suicides and Foxconn attempting to clean up it's image, rumors are that a protest has been going down at the Foxconn offices in China over low wages.

A few workers spoke with press outlets stating that there was a protest with at least six-seven thousand people walking the streets of the office complex. Employees were asking for higher wages and against a relocation of their positions to another Foxconn megaplex.

A spokesmen for Foxconn denied that there was any organized rally/protest. Instead he has stated that a few individuals have expressed concerns and declined to comment on how many were involved. Some workers have stated that anyone caught protesting would be threatened and potentially fired. One worker has claimed that the monthly wage at Foxconn is 1,100 yuan (roughly $160 in U.S. dollars), and the protest began as it was not the amount promised by the company.

Amid the scrutiny of the world, Foxconn is in need of a massive image overhaul. Treating their employees well wouldn't hurt either.


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