Friday, November 05, 2010

Random Assortment

Again, not talking about that thing that came out this week. Since EVERYONE has been talking about it. So news is a little light. Random assortment time!

A look behind Foxconn! The place where there was that rash of suicides, and are makers of fine products such as the PS3, Xbox 360, and iPhone. Not even a day after Gizmodo's article, another worker has died at the plant. As much as the company says they have been improving work conditions, it doesn't appear a whole lot has changed.

SE has acknowledge that FF14 needs some work. At least they admit it. Now they just need to work on the problems, that an extra month of free play won't fix. If anything FF14 has helped me to appreciate FF11 even more. I've decided to not renew my subscription to 14. 2 weeks into an extra 30 days of free play and I haven't touched the game. I'll go back once they implement new material. But until then, it's just a level grind.

Congrats to the world's stupidest thief! In Japan, a young man broke into a car and stole a PSP along with a few games (retail value around $170).  He then in turn went into a local store to try and sell the items. The store clerk, thought the PSP looked familiar, walked out to his car, and found that it had been broken into. Yep. The thief attempted to sell the PSP and games back to it's owner. Needless to say, he was arrested.

And what wouldn't be a random assortment of stories without a video clip. Courtesy of The Daily Show and it's quick quip about the Supreme Court case of video games. It even has Ira Glass in a catsuit. >.>


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