Thursday, November 25, 2010

Survey's Galore For The Old Republic

For anyone who signed up for the beta within the past year (for me a year and 6 months ago) you may be receiving an odd looking email within the next few weeks asking for you to take a survey. The survey is a means of determining who will qualify for initial testing, but it is NOT a beta invite. (People see beta and they start wetting themselves. Learn to read before you click on stuff!) Because we're all paranoid of things from the internet, I'm sure we've all been trying to research the company involved to make sure it's legit.

So far it seems like it is. It's from a company called Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc. established in 1957. They have a long history of working with businesses to provide surveys to employees and customers. It's no stretch of the imagination that a gaming company would use a survey to weed out some of the random people who applied for beta testing. Blizzard did it for World of Warcraft many moons ago. The survey doesn't ask for any identifying information. It'll only record your email address tied to your SWTOR account when you clicked on the link. It doesn't ask for name, address, phone, password, or a credit card number. It's just asking how often you play games, genres, and the like.

Though Bioware hasn't said a word of it in any of their articles or random forum announcements. Which is a wonderful way to make your customers sweat it out in fear that their information may be misused. >.> Though if you read Biowares privacy legal jargon, they bascially have the right to send your email info to a third party company for testing opportunities. Honestly, this looks fairly legit after researching the company, checking and rechecking the web link in the email, and having it scanned by a multitude of spyware and virus scanners. As I said earlier, they don't ask for any personal information that would force you to give up credit/ss numbers. It's a pretty harmless survey.

When you complete it, your answers will determine if you are eligible for the first round of testing. This does not guarantee you a beta invite now, nor does it remove you from a future testing date. So don't get all jumpy and think that just because you took the survey, you'll get an invite. In actuality, it'll help to dwindle down the pool of applicants, which will then be toned down even more by Bioware, more then likely. But, the email does read that if you don't qualify for this round of testing, it doesn't mean that you won't be able to get into the future testings. No news on when testing will officially begin, but it is assumed it'll start in December.


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