Tuesday, November 02, 2010

U.S. Supreme Court Hearing Cali Case Today

Supporters show their style.
Opening arguments will begin today for California vs. The Entertainment Merchants Association and Entertainment Software Association (a.k.a. everyone in the video game industry, including merchants and supporters from television, film, book publishers, and comic creators). I'd recommend reading this breakdown from Stephen Totilo. He'll be one of the few in the viewing gallery that will be able to make sense of the situation.

I realize that I've been making a big deal about this, but there is a lot at stake. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of California, it's going to mark some big changes to how video games will be handled in all aspects, from development up to retail. Basically lumping titles such as Gears of War, Halo (yeah it's an M rated game), and Metal Gear Solid to equate to XXX and pornography. For once! a non-gaming related publication understands why this is a big deal. Second reading recommendation, Forbes. Yep, Forbes. They get it.

No decision will be made today, and people probably won't be made aware of it for a few months since all Supreme Court hearings are closed to live television/feeds/etc. However, knowing that Kotaku and Forbes will have some sane individuals in the press box, we'll have accurate information provided online. Wishing the best of luck to preservation of the First Amendment.


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