Friday, December 17, 2010

Whatever Happen to Those 360 Faceplates?

I'm still amazed that it's been 5 years of the 360. Time sure does fly.

Recently OXM interviewed Albert Penello, marketing director at Microsoft, for a look back at 5 years of Xbox 360 Accessories. Including the faceplates. To put it simply, the idea didn't take off. Penello compared the faceplates to the cellphone plate fad back when the 360 was released. Everyone would change up their phone whenever they could. This was back before the IPhone and the Blackberries and when very few phones would take pictures, let alone video. Back when we had faceplates on our phones. Now I'm really starting to feel old. But because the 360 faceplates didn't take off, they died out pretty fast. Though several companies still market them for bonus items with pre-releases.

I personally think that the faceplates didn't work because a lot of them were crappy and didn't match the system. Why on earth would you get a bright red and pink flaming skull faceplate to go on your white or black system? Nothing matches! "But you can get the matching skin." And gunk up my system with horrible sticky tape? Pass. The only faceplate I have is the one from Final Fantasy XIII for pre-ordering the limited edition system. Guess what? It's not on my pretty black 360 because it doesn't match...It'd be nice if Microsoft made multiple casings with different designs so it's not limited to just the faceplate and stickers.


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