Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Angry Birds Storms The World

I guess you could call it the Farmville of cell phone games. Taking the Crash the Castle (also available at a cell phone near you) concept and giving us a bunch of cranky birds who want their eggs back. Not only is it consistently in the top 10 of most downloaded games, celebrities enjoy the simplicity of birds being smacked into walls.

So what's next? Well there's the stuffed animals, the board game, and the upcoming tv series. So of course we have to have a working catapult, right?

Anyone else think commercialism in this world has gone a little too far? We'd idolizing birds being flung by a slingshot into walls. Do I think the game is silly fun? You bet. It was free when I downloaded it and it's a great time waster if you're sitting around, waiting, with nothing to do. Is it worth all this media glamorization? Not really. Stuffed animals, ok that I can see. But do we really need to have board games and tv shows and even a movie about a video game of this caliber? Angry Birds fever will eventually wear, and what will happen to all of this crap we have lying around our homes? More things to throw into the landfill. Let's take a step back and just appreciate this as the game that it is and not encourage more useless junk to clutter up our world.

Unintentional rant. Sorry.


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