Thursday, January 06, 2011

CES. The Lowdown on Sony and Microsoft

Here is the abridged version. If you’re interested in the full review, here’s Sony and here’s Microsoft.


New 3D 8 mm handicam for retail.
More 3D tv’s for families.
Seth Rogan promoting Green Hornet (like he’s doing everywhere. Not even the Mythbusters were safe).
3D Vaio is coming.
Discovery Channel will be going full blown 3D.
Personal 3D displays and visors (think 3DO but more fancier).
New Bravia models with…guess what! 3D.
More Sony Erricson Smartphones that can…play 3D.
Showing the same trailer of Uncharted 3 at the Spike celebrity party.
The program Music Unlimited will be made available to all Sony devices, including the PSP and PS3.
Apparently the show ends with Elvis and Cirque du Solei. I’m just as confused as you all are.
Bottom Line: A butt-ton of 3D. Nothing mentioned about a new PSP or a PSP phone that has been rumored.


Spent the first 20 minutes talking about how awesome last year was for them.
Fable Coin Golf for the Windows 7 Phone.
Lots of talk about the Windows 7 phone and it’s power, but nothing about the current sales figures.
Bottom Line: Microsoft wasted a whole press conference promoting items that were already out and didn’t show us anything new.

So there you have it.What a wonderful waste of 2 hours.


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