Monday, January 03, 2011

It Took This Long To Hack The PS3?

At least on a public stage. Last week a group of hackers claimed to have found the root key to the PS3 and were in the process of creating software for it to publish online. This week GeoHot, known for breaking open the iPhone, went ahead and published the info to the entire interwebs. So if you want Linux on your PS3, you can do that now!

Personally, I'm against hacking so I'm not going to directly link you to his website. But if you have half a brain you should have no trouble finding it. lol

If this really is the root key that they are claiming, once you mess with it, it'll be pretty tricky to fix. In particular, it may not recognize certain pieces of software or firmware updates. So while you can throw in a new OS, your system will be sent back to the stone-age with updates. And if you're like me and paranoid about warranties and such, if you break it and have hacked your system, Sony won't touch it. Most repair centers probably won't touch it, based on past experiences working at a call center. I'm not advocating it, but if you decide to do so, use at your own risk. Sony won't help you if you screw up. Kotaku is asking Sony for a comment regarding the hack, but I'm sure the response will be along the lines of "Sony does not comply with hackers and will do everything in our power to take down the website. We strongly encourage PS3 owners to stay away from hacking their system." I.E. you break it, you're screwed.


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