Friday, January 07, 2011

Microsoft Opens Up To It's Failures to Kotaku

While they were boasting about their Kinect and how awesome 2010 was for them, of course they are going to keep their lips shut about the bad stuff that happened during their stage show. That didn't stop Kotaku from talking to them about the things that were canned in 2010.

Most notably, 1 vs 100 was given the boot in the middle of the year. This is one area of Xbox Live I was hoping they would continue with. And according to Microsoft's representatives, they haven't given up on this area of community gaming. They just dumped 1 vs 100. Which is still odd. While player participation had slipped, it was quite a small amount. My biggest complaint with 1 vs 100 is that the "random selection" was only really based on the top 101 people playing the game. And how do you get to be in the top 101? Not by answering the questions correctly, but answering the millisecond from the moment that the first answer appears. The selection system to be the One or in The Mob made for repetitive winners and didn't open it up to the majority of players. Even those of us who did answer everything correctly. But that didn't deserve the show being booted. At least Microsoft is looking into reinstating the program and others in the future. Sucks that I have 2 achievements for that game that I'll never be able to complete...

The Game Room. I was optimistic about this idea. A giant arcade room with classic games. But then the updates slowed down, grinding to a halt. Micros' representative didn't say much other then they were still invested in the game room. They have to be if they're bringing it to their Windows phones. But they need to step it up on Xbox Live or that too will meet an end soon.


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