Monday, February 28, 2011

The Future Of Harmonix

With the fall of Guitar Hero, and Viacom selling Harmonix, it's been a rocky few months for the studios of music games. And while the future is uncertain, Alex Rigopulos (CEO) sees opportunity.

Of course they talked about Guitar Hero. That was their competition. Rigopulos was candid that it would be a difficult group to tap. Fans of that series are use to a certain play-style and setup that swapping them over isn't as easy as it sounds. Instead of releasing another Rock Band this year, Harmonix is going to refine and enhance the Rock Band 3 experience. Which I support. We really don't need to see a new music game every holiday season. They plan to reach out to new audiences, add more music content, and provide variety. And I'm glad to see that the CEO understands that the genre is in need of an update.

It's a long read. But the basics are they are committed to the Rock Band franchise, they will be adding new content this year, they wish to evolve the music game genre, and Dance Central is still doing pretty well.


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