What A Wonderful Week

Apologies for not posting. Between the no power and no heat, I'm way behind on the things I meant to accomplish last week. So this took a back seat. So, onto some news bits that caught my attention.

Rovio is bringing Angry Birds to the 3DS. And why wouldn't they? They're already making a board game, plushies, tshirts, and a movie. Bringing them to a game console other then a phone app is just logical. >.> When asked, Rovio was looking towards bringing the current 3 games out as digital distribution for the 3DS and not in a cartridge form. But we'll see where that goes.

Sega seems to be having a good month with their ties to Platinum Games. Vanquish has sold around 800 thousand units since release and Sonic Colors is sitting at 1.85 million sold. Good for them. Their slump in sales and the imminent death of Sonic, this was a nice thing to see. Maybe they'll finally be able to give a good comeback to the blue hedgehog.

Oh and today is the Super Bowl. Where if you pay $200 you can get an outdoor, standing room only, watching on a paper screen spot at the stadium. But hey! You can say you were AT the Super Bowl. Just not IN the stadium with the nice seats. Happy Sunday everyone!