10 ‘More’ Things I Have Learned From Video Games

With a growing population of youngsters playing video games at an average of 14 hours a week, though probably more now as the study is 5 years old, gaming can be a wonderful teacher. So I present another list of 10 things video games have taught me, in no particular order.

(All Games) If someone or something other then you dies, they will fade right before your eyes, and come back to life 3-5 minutes later in roughly the same location. Generally with more items/gold to loot off their corpses.

(FPS) For all the infinite ammo in the world, you will always only have 2-3 grenades, max. Make good use of them.
(Doom) You know a really bad guy is around the corner if you see a health pack and a load of ammo sitting next to each other.

(FPS/GTA) If you shoot a tank with a handgun enough times, it will explode. Weak military budget?

(Halo/Borderlands) If you hear a seductive female voice in your head, always listen to her. She will guide you along the right path.

(Half-Life) Gravity can be completely removed from your existence with the use of a weapon. (Kids, really don’t try it at home.)

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) Pizza will always regenerate your health. And you won’t gain a pound!

(Any Bioware Game) If you want to sleep with the girl, you have to sit through a lot of long, meaningless dialogue…ok this one might actually be a real case scenario for a lot of you. lol

(Resident Evil) Sure you can shoot the metal padlock off that door. But if it’s a wooden door you better find a key. Bullets won’t open it.

(Mortal Kombat) You know you have won the fight when your opponent stands still, awaiting your final move.


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