Thursday, March 10, 2011

Code Loophole leaves Microsoft out $1.2 Million

Yesterday afternoon, someone was offering free Microsoft points without having to fill out stupid surveys or providing your credit information. And it left Microsoft with a huge chuck of profit out the window.

Hackers determined am algorithm that to add to existing, used codes, thus creating a new code. Not every code is a guarantee, but refresh the set-up a few times and you got yourself a couple hundred Microsoft points to work with. It took a few hours, but Microsoft was able to put a stop to the exploit. But some people have reported being able to collect up to $200 in codes before it had ended.

It's hard to say what Microsoft will do at this point, no pun intended. It's very possible that some of those codes that were made are on new cards, sitting at a retailer, someone managed to randomly guess. And with the numerous transactions on Xbox Live everyday, it may be difficult to ascertain which ones were legit and which ones were not. But I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled a Sony. Good note for future companies. Don't make a coding system that 12 year old can break. >.>


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